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Client Testimonials

“My consumer advocate worked with me until my credit file was accurate. After boosting my score 87 points, I refinanced my car and saved $4200 in interest charges. This company’s dedication to my financial success is what put me on a fast track to financial freedom and security.”

Heather- Houston, TX

About Credit Heroes

The company was founded in North Texas, and is a family owned and operated company. We put the personal touch into everything we do and that's the Credit Heroes difference. We understand the importance credit can be to your success. By providing you with our own expertise of the financial and banking industries, we will help you improve your credit and boost your credit score.

What We Do

According to recent information, 79% of all credit reports contain inaccurate and damaging information.  Since the credit bureaus collect and distribute your personal information, you have the right to check what they are distributing is in fact correct.  Mistakes and other inaccurate information on your credit report aren’t your fault but you definitely pay for them.  The credit reporting agencies are profiting ‘hand over fist’ from your information, while the average American suffers by paying higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums and loss of needed and well deserved credit. 

We’re successful at what we do mainly because of an under-promise over-deliver attitude.  Credit repair is not magic and you don’t get good credit over night.  As true professionals in this industry we know the federal and state guidelines governing credit reporting and credit repair.  Through detailed analysis and extremely thorough audits of the information being reported to the credit bureaus, we can ensure that each item listed is in compliance with these federal and state codes.  This allows us to work effectively and provide you with the quickest results possible; many clients see a dramatic increase in their scores during the first 45 days.

Our programs are affordable, and our results are hard to beat.  As a consumer you have rights and if those rights are being violated you deserve to know.   Many people are under the impression that there is little they can do about their bad credit.  With the help of a Credit Heroes consumer advocate, you will be given the tools and support educating you about restoring your credit, improving your life, and taking charge of your financial freedom.  Get started today!



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