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How Does the Service Work?

We aim to make restoring your credit as simple for you as possible. We will work with the credit bureaus, collection agencies your original creditors diligently on your behalf to remove derogatory records from your credit history by mail and by phone. Here are the 5 easy steps to raise your credit score.

1. Call for your FREE consultation
Call and speak to a member of our credit specialists and learn how to improve your credit and what we can do to raise your score. This call is obligation free and will leave you with invaluable knowledge.

2. Complete the Retainer Packet
If you decide you wish to retain us to raise your credit score, simply fill out some simple forms hiring us to fulfill your credit needs. We will need a proof of your address and your social security.

3. Send in your updates
On a monthly basis you will receive updates from the credit bureaus on the progress resulted from our dealings with them. You will need to mail these credit updates to us for our records after making copies for yourself. This will provide us the latest outstanding items that we will know to continue to work on.

4. See your score soar
Your score should begin improving within the first 35 days. We will keep on working on your files during the service duration based on the package you enrolled.

5. Become a Credit Hero
At the end of service duration or until all negative items are removed, whichever comes first, you will receive a call from your dedicated contact to go over your file in details. You will be provided more advices and education on how to maintain positive credit history and what you can do to continue raising your credit score.


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